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Grading (LP) Our grading is absolute, a record in generally fine condition with a bad scratch on it is a bad record.
There is no secret grading hidden in the price. We will never claim a low price as an an excuse for a bad condition not mentioned in the list. -In the past 10 years, the zero point of the scale has continuously moved upwards. The LP has made friends who grew up with CD and streaming services, and who really have nothing to do with the sentimental attachment to the "pleasant crackling of the record" claimed in the feature pages, because they are too young for that. Even long-term collectors now have significantly higher demands on a well-preserved LP. This development was foreseeable and we prepared for it early on. Good records don't crackle.


A+ Sealed or in mint condition, not necessarily unplayed, but in a state where you can hardly tell whether it was played or not. The (+) in brackets indicates a record which is just as fine, but you do see that this record has been played. A box set with 4 A+ records and one obviously played but fine record could be given the same grade A(+).

A/A(-) Fine: Very light scuffing or spindle marks. The typical condition of a careful collectorīs record. Runs perfectly fine and should give full satisfaction. The brackets A(-) indicate that minor irregularities have proven virtually inaudible when checked on the player.

A- A bit below perfection, small or light blemishes, audible, yes, but perhaps still tolerable with an otherwise special or rare record. That is of course a matter of personal reaction, but the zero point of our scale lies quite high, we have less than 0,3% complaints. They are offered nearly exclusively on the sales list, at considerably reduced prices.

B O.K.: Marks on the surface which are audible. Items in this condition are rather a bit noisy than severely scratched, and offered only, if they are rare, interesting and still enjoyable. They are often very lovely indeed, especially when given a B+. B records make less then 1% in our lists.

as new - for once - refers to both record and cover, even with very old LPs.

Please note that LP grades apply only to the records themselves. Problems with a record's cover are indicated by cov-. Nothing should be too bad. If you are very concerned about the coverīs condition and found a cov- with a chosen item, it is clearly not for you. Some type of records - early Melodiya in the main - come with a poor general cover (indicated, of course) and the less perfect condition of these should be understood. If a cover (especially one of those where one would expect nothing too brilliant) is especially fine, it is noted +cov.

CDs   We only list perfect CDs. The grading, indicated in the same manner: A+, A(+), refers to the cover and booklet alone. A(+) with a normal jewel case issue usually indicates an original case good enough to not be replaced yet.